Recent cases of interest

  • Successful intervention in financial remedies proceedings for a family member where it was proved that the husband had used non-matrimonial money for his own purposes
  • The successful representation of a number of fathers found to have been unjustly alienated from their children and excluded from their lives.
  • The successful representation of 3 mothers in separate proceedings seeking to relocate their children to the USA.
  • The successful representation of a father who had been obstructed from having contact with his children because of what were proved to be false and malicious allegations of sexual and other abuse made against him by the mother with the ultimate result that the children moved to live with their father.
  • The successful representation of a father seeking to secure residence for his daughter and recognition of a foreign adoption order.
  • Negotiating significant financial settlements on behalf of separating partners consequent upon divorce.
  • Securing significant damages for a vulnerable client under the Human Rights Act 1998.
  • A groundbreaking case in the Supreme Court on the impact of the ECHR on the imperative to protect vulnerable witnesses in family proceedings.
  • An appeal concerning the participation of the subject child in secure accommodation proceedings.


  • Several serious medical treatment cases in the Court of Protection
  • The representation of children in care proceedings where it was alleged that they were much older than represented by the documents of identity produced by their mother. These proceedings involved amongst other things the assessment of the age of the children, the establishment of their paternity and ultimately their identity, whether they ought to be permitted to give oral evidence to the Court and the use of wardship to secure the welfare.
  • The representation of an incapacitated adult in the Court of Appeal who sought to challenge the recognition of a marriage by the English court of a ceremony conducted over the telephone which was regarded as valid in another jurisdiction.
  • The first English case in which the Court of Protection found there to be a ‘non-marriage’.
  • Several cases involving the ‘forced marriage’ of the vulnerable.
  • Cases involving the challenge to Lasting Powers of Attorney.
  • The representation of a local authority to sought to protect a vulnerable elderly lady from the physical and financial abuse of her by a member of her family.
  • Two separate cases involving allegations of fabricated illness in a child and a vulnerable adult.

Case reports